This page serves as a living, breathing list of people, entities, and things for which I’m thankful – for this site specifically and life in general. No one has contacted me or asked me for a mention here. It’s just an opportunity for me to throw my appreciation out into the universe for making my life better and/or more enjoyable. There is no particular rhyme or reason. Things are posted as I think of them.

  • Beverage companies Dr. Pepper, Pepsi & Coca-Cola for providing me with Dr. Diet Pepper, Diet Pepsi, and Diet Coke (with and without lime) – and all the benefits that their chemically, caffeine goodness provides
  • The makers of ibuprofen
  • The creators of WordPress and all its devotees who develop code that helps me make my site pretty and functional
  • Tivo, Roku, and Apple TV – for providing hours and hours of background noise and entertainment
  • Mamacita, Lesbo, Renee, and Delilah (order varies, depending on the day)