Founded in 2007 with varying levels of activity since, this blog is a modge podge of what goes through my brain at any given moment.

What You’ll Find Here
I spend much of my life on autopilot just doing what needs to be done as part of the daily routine or outside commitments, I find I don’t take enough time to reflect, gather my thoughts, and actively work to better understand who I am now and chart the course for a “better” me, to be happy with who I am 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 years down the line.

This site is a tool for mapping and documenting that, um, journey (to use an overused, cliche word) – a tool that I’ll undoubtedly use with varying frequency and consistency. So, if you’ve come here to try to figure out a lot about me or get insight into my soul, you may (or may not) be disappointed. I’m really not all that interesting.

That said, much of what’s posted here has nothing to do with my innermost thoughts, self-reflections, and the like.  I’m a bit of a private person (don’t ask me why I’m blogging). A lot of it will be random observations of the world and not-so-random rants about it (especially on the topics of equality, politics, and customer service). I like to shout at the rooftops and a blog, like Facebook, is an excellent avenue with which to do it. And my Facebook friends get tired of “hearing” me… (Why they don’t just hide my posts is something I’ll never understand.)

All of these thoughts are part of who I am, so, while they aren’t technically self-reflective in nature, I say it still meets the original purpose. The beauty of this being MY site is that I post when I feel like it, share things that may or may not be interesting or relevant to the world at large, and make the rules about what goes on here. Love. That. A lot.

What You Won’t Find Here
What you won’t find is me bellyaching (or cheering, for that matter) about work. Aside from the occasional “work is busy,” what happens at work is not for public consumption. I love what I do, where I work, and who I work with – 97.692% of the time. Let’s leave it at that. I also don’t blog about others’ lives. While writing about my own life, others will undoubtedly be a part of the story. Their names have been changed to protect their reputation. (Though, admittedly, if you know us, it may not be hard to figure out.)


The opinions and views expressed here are my own, and in no way represent the positions of my employer or organizations to which I belong or any person I interact with regularly or irregularly, i.e., what I post is my opinion and mine alone, unless otherwise noted. I neither regulate nor approve reader comments here and am not responsible for the content in comments (other than those made by me) or other online content to which I may link.

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