many of you (or least 1 of the 3 who read this!) have heard about at least one of my adventures related to troy camp from my days at usc. troy camp is, hands-down, the most impactful organization at usc – not just impacting the community, but the students as well – and was an integral part of shaping me into the fantabulous person i am today! i learned more about friendship, leadership, diversity, teamwork, spirit, the value of a warm fuzzy, and just plain having fun during my 5 years in that group than in just about anything else i’ve participated in before, during, or since. not to mention why screaming camp songs at 7:45 am – or getting a kid to take a shower when there is no hot water – or hiding the fact that one of your campers wet their bed from their fellow cabinmates – is not for the faint of heart! troy camp – and all who have been associated with it – will always hold a special place in my heart!

having said that, this video was recently shared with me, so i thought i’d share it with folks not familiar with troy camp so they can see what the fuss is about – but especially to all my fellow alumni. as you’ll see, the fashions may be different from when we staffed it, but the important stuff is timeless. can you believe it’s been around for nearly 60 years – and served 10,000 campers! how awesome that we were a part of it!

my co-executive director from my 2nd tour of duty directing (and a former camper, too), jumpin’ j jose, is coordinating a fundraiser in conjunction with his company. it’s a raffle with some great prizes, and his company will match all funds raised. let me know if you’d like more information! (fyi – he recently became a papa – the proud father of baby diego!!!!)

it’s about 7 minutes, so pop some corn, crack open a beverage, sit back and enjoy! you might even be compelled to sing a camp song or two! (and pass it on!)

hugs – and singing a round of “waddly-acha” for us all!