everyday, i skim over a handful of list-servs relating to nonprofit management, fundraising, technology, and kids as part of my daily routine at the office. this morning, i came across a story about a school in ohio where kids swipe their fingers to get lunch.

i am completely and utterly fascinated by this concept. it’s like a plot in a sci-fi movie. my first thought was “how cool and convenient,” remembering the days i’d forget my lunch money! but, then i thought about if i’d really want my elementary or even high schools to have my fingerprints on file. forever. being accessed by who knows who?

i’m all for technology and utilizing it to the fullest, but this strikes me as a bit odd – even if it isn’t a “full” fingerprint. it seems just short of a chip in the brain. when does it stop? does it stop? or is this really where we’re headed? is life truly starting to imitate art? (well, sci-fi movies?)

Parents in the central Ohio town of Circleville may not have to worry about lost or misspent lunch money any more. This week, Circleville schools are joining Akron, Huron, Rocky River and at least five other school districts in Ohio in implementing new fingerprint technology, which allows students to pay for lunch with a touch. The cost of the meals is then deducted from prepaid accounts. Schools who use the fingerprint software system, called biometrics technology, say swiping fingers increases speed in lunch lines and helps schools keep a more accurate count of how many students are served meals.

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