Yes, my friends. Dick has done it again. He has made a great many someones mad. Only this time, it’s not about war. And it doesn’t involve guns. It appears that the Vice President either doesn’t know – or just doesn’t care (I vote for the latter) – that it’s bad form to insult an entire population. Especially on camera. Besides, as he so aptly puts it, it’s OK to make jokes when you’re not running for re-election. (Huh?)  What a funny guy!

I won’t even go into how silly the joke is to begin with from a genealogical perspective. The fact that generations and generations ago he had a Cheney on both sides does not “kissing cousins” make. To begin with, I’m not sure they have even proven that these Cheneys were of the same bloodlines. Regardless, do you really think that over 200 years from now, my 11th-great-grandchild marrying my 1st or 2nd cousin’s 11th-great-grandchild is really tantamount to incest? Seriously? I know, I know. It is just a joke and I shouldn’t get so riled up about it – we all know it annoys me purely because it’s D. Cheney.

I do wonder, though, what the reaction would have been if W. had said it. Would folks be this up in arms? Or just pass it off as another one of the dumbass things he says, be thankful there are just 230 days left of his “leadership,” and not make a “nucular” case out of it? ‘Cause, truly, what sane person really takes him seriously?