i’ve always found it difficult to give a snapshot of who i am. what if I forget something important? or share too much? what if i totally sound lame? what if i sound like someone i’m not? what if, what if, what if… what if i just write something down and not worry about it? here goes!

to sum it up: coastal-loving pop culture addict, amateur genealogist, child advocate, feminist, humanist. accidental techie, nonprofit devotee, political wonk wannabe, binge [fill in the blank] and (almost) recovering overachiever & people pleaser with a crazy passion for learning new things. powered by diet soda, laughter, watermelon, cheese, jelly bellies, dark chocolate-covered pretzels, bananas, cheerios, key lime pie greek yogurt, satsumas, and many genres of television and movies. (i draw the line at dead people acting as though they are alive, extreme cougars, and child pageant participants.)

predictably unpredictable. snarky. optimistic cynic. friend. daughter. fan of cookie monster, bette davis, musicals & the beatles. fascinated by religion and its power over those who believe (and who don’t believe). opinionated. snarky. impatient. stubborn. generous. fiercely protective of those i love. trojan fan. mac loyalist. introvert & recluse at heart. sometimes i lead the parade, sometimes just be a part of it.

most importantly, i am – and will always be – a work-in-progress. and i’ve finally come to realize that is ok – especially the “always will be” part.

i’m actually not as pretentious as this – or the lack of capital letters – makes me sound. true story.