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Being Progressive Doesn’t Give Me a Get Out of Jail Free Card

I just read an article on The Huffington Post that discusses what white people can do in response to Ferguson.  I’ve read many similar articles over the past week or so that have all made sense, but this one really struck a chord with me.  In effect, the author suggests that even though I’m progressive, […]

Sucker Punched

I don’t usually experience more than a fleeting sadness or “isn’t-that-too-bad” feeling when any person I don’t know or don’t know all that well dies – let alone a celebrity.  But this is different. This one has hit me hard.  As soon as I saw the text alert pop up on my screen, I felt […]

Genealogy & Porn: Internet Rivals

Interesting article from Time on roots of genealogy in America and how it became so popular.  Almost as popular as porn! In the 1990s, digital technology and the Internet revolutionized the way large amounts of information could be reproduced, transferred and retrieved. Moving genealogical databases online then made it possible for tens of millions more […]


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